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2024 Pure Focus Digital Planner - Mono

2024 Pure Focus Digital Planner - Mono

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- This is a digital product. You will not receive any physical elements with this purchase.
- The stickers are included with the planner.
- You will need a separate PDF annotation app to use the planner.

- Color variations in screens and monitors may cause the planner to appear slightly different in color.

- This planner is not suitable for printing.

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2024 Pure Focus Digital Planner

What if you can accomplish all the goals you set up for the next 12 months with the right digital planner and the right help?

2024 can be the BEST year in your life yet - but you won’t get there by winging it.

- You have a history of making a plan, only to last a couple of weeks or months when things go off track.

- You got yourself a planner but then are overwhelmed by 1000 different spreads.

- You bought many planners to organize your life but you have not yet found THE ONE.

- There are so million things to do. Trying to do everything at once left me feeling confused about where to begin.

- You are trying to plan but not sure if you can do it alone. Need accountability.

Picture this: 

It’s January 2nd, 2024. It is Tuesday - You wake up in the morning and make yourself a steaming mug of your favorite beverage. 

A huge smile spreads across your face as you realize… 

You know exactly what you are working on today, tomorrow, next week, and all year long. You know exactly where you are and where you are going. Tracking what you have done and celebrating your mini accomplishments along the way. You feel the confidence - and make your life more ORGANIZED and get close to YOUR GOALS! One-At-a-Time!

That is because you planned it right. You are ahead of your game. 

And now, you have a map pointing directly toward YOUR unique goals - Make the best year of your life. 

Our Pure Focus Digital Planner is the planner that helps exactly that.

Simple, effective, and beautiful. 


*** Try it for FREE! You can try out the planner MONO version. Click here to download. 

(Please note only January is hyperlinked for you to try) 

A Pure Focus Planner 4-Part Map will guide you on your journey to the Best Year Ever!

1. PERSONAL GROWTH: Build the life you want by getting ultra clear on your definition of success. Figuring out what exactly matters to you in 2024 & and using our unique goals-setting system to make your goals more feasible. 

2. HABIT BUILDING: Small steps can make all the difference. Keep track of your habits to become the person you want to be.

3. SCHEDULE: Time-block goal steps and habit builders into your agenda. Now you know what to do with your time!

4. ACT & REFLECT: IMPORTANT STEP! No action, no reward or satisfaction. Act daily and check in with your progress, whether it's on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis!

What else is UNIQUE about Pure Focus Planner?

Instant access with easy-to-follow tutorials to set you up: We don’t leave you just right there. After the purchase, you can use our resources: tutorials on how to set up, and how to use annotation apps. Lots of freebies: sign up for our newsletter and get lifetime freebies like digital stickers, infographics, etc.

Lots of examples of how to utilize all the spreads: Sometimes, it is obvious but you’d probably like a little tip here and there so you get a better idea of how to utilize all the spreads! So… We have example pages for the most pages BUILT IN! with a click of a button! 

Simple and essential spreads only so you can focus on what truly matters: Our digital planners aren't just thrown together – they're the result of tons of careful design. We’ve put in the hours to make sure they're not just pleasing to the eye but also super functional.

Top-notch customer service: We are not just about the planners. We are here to support you on your digital planning journey. Top-notch customer service is our jam because you deserve it! So, if you ever have questions or just want to chat about digital planning, Message us on Instagram or TikTok @heydaisyday. We are always excited to make your planning journey as smooth as possible! 🎉💖

All-in-one Planner: Don’t need to get overwhelmed with millions of spreads. Who has time for ALL? Our 2024 Digital planner has only the essentials, yet very useful ones. Finance tacker, Habit tracker, Fitness tracker as well as trip planner pages! All ready to go! 

- Organize your plans daily, weekly, and monthly so you will know what is ahead and what to do

- Get clear on what it is that you truly want in life

- Get into a mindset where you're confident and empowered by creating healthy habits one by one

- Set goals you know are achievable, yet challenging enough to reach your highest potential

- Create a relationship with yourself that builds rather than breaks you


2024 dated landscape planner (Monday start and Sunday start)

Fully hyperlinked pages 

Apple and Google calendar links

Personal Growth: Wheel of life,

Vision board page, Goal plan for the year, Action plan for the year, Bucket list

Habit Builder: Habit scorecard, Atomic Habit Creator page, Habit reflection page, Breaking Bad Habit page

Year-at-a-glance: Yearly overview page with hyperlinks, Key dates page for the year

Reflection: Yearly reflection, Monthly reflection, Weekly reflection

Monthly/weekly/daily pages: Monthly overview pages with hyperlinks, Weekly overview pages with hyperlinks, Weekly meal planning/grocery list page, Daily planning pages

Monthly tracker: Monthly fitness tracker, Monthly Habit tracker

Wellness: Period tracker, Doctor visit log, Gratitude jar, 30-day challenge

Productivity: Cleaning schedule, Recipe ideas, Reading wishlist, Reading-journal, Password tracker

Finance: Yearly finances, Monthly finances, Expense tracker, Debt Tracker, Short term saving, Long term saving, Bill tracker

Recreation: Place to Visit, Travel Planner, Camping Planner, Travel memories, Party Planner

Projects: 12 clickable custom pages that can be filled in with topics of your choice

Notes & bonus pages: 4 different styles of blank notes paper (duplicate as many as you'd like), Skincare Routine, Movie and TV Series Tracker, Podcast Tracker, Youtube Tracker


Free Stickers to make your planner fun and vibrant

Daily Prompt stickers to declutter your mind

16 different Planner covers


1 PDF with our 2024 “Pure Focus” Digital Planner. Sunday start

1 PDF with our 2024 “Pure Focus” Digital Planner. Monday start

1 Zip file to digital sticker file in GoodNotes and stickers in individual PNG files

1 Zip file to 16 different planner covers

All instruction is built into the planner so you can easily click and watch how to use it. (& go back when needed)

Copyright © 2023, HeyDaisyDay. All rights reserved.

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