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Reusable Food Covers

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The single most useful thing I got in my effort to transition to a more sustainable kitchen are the bowl covers from Hanuk Design. I love them! I use them to cover up leftovers (no need to switch to a different bowl), as a lid substitute on my mixing bowl and as a replacement for plastic wrap when letting dough rise. I want them in all the patterns...because they aren't just practical, they are beautiful, too!

Ami B, OR

I love my small ones for storing cut lemons. And the patterns are classic!

Mary P, TX

I love these bowl covers. The small ones are great for covering half an apple, cut end of a cucumber, etc. I’m using less Saran Wrap these days! They do great in the washer and dryer!

Steph W, OR

I always threw halves of lemons and onions because I didn't know how to store them. But this is a great way to store them without using single-use plastics. Also it looks great after washing too. Thanks!

Leon G, OR

I love my mini bowl covers! I have a child and she often leaves her food behind and I always felt bad to throw it away. Now I cover my mini sauce bowl with these and remind her that the food is there! Also, super useful for half-cut Onion, lemon or lime! Love. Really I want everyone to try these!


They are fantastic! I love the design on them and they keep food and drinks fresh. I think my favorite feature is the elastic cord with stoppers. They fit incredibly tightly, are very sturdy, and are perfect for Pyrex dishes that I somehow lost the lids to. I love that stoppers are made from recycled plastic and the design makes the inside of the fridge much cuter!

Jackie Zusi-Russell, OR


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Cover leftovers

Cover leftovers without adding more dirty dishes to the pile - and keep your food fresh. Hassle-free! Don't you just love it? :) 



Missing a lid?

Oops! Sometimes we just can't find anything! Don't worry, we got you. just cover your jars with the Mighty Bowl Cover. Good luck finding the lid later. ;P



Halves of anything!

You've cut your lemon, lime, onion, cabbage, cucumber, or avocado. Now what? Cover the exposed side with the Mighty Bowl Cover and store the half in the fridge! So easy!



Are you a bread maker?

Instead of plastic wrap, cover your bread dough with a reusable Mighty Bowl Cover!