Hello there! We're Anna and YK, and this is our unique story.

Picture it: New York City, 2013. Two super-talented fashion designers met at the same company and instantly clicked like fashionistas at a sample sale. But fast forward a few years, and one of us jetted off to the lush Pacific Northwest. Oh, and to make life even more exciting, we both became proud parents in 2017. Talk about a plot twist!

As the diaper bags piled up and the baby babble filled the air, we started asking ourselves the BIG questions: What are our true passions? And what in the world does success even mean to us? Guess what? Our light bulbs went off at the same time. We're absolutely head-over-heels in love with design, and we'd move mountains for our families. That's the secret sauce to our success recipe!

But here's the kicker – we realized we're not alone in this "What are we doing with our lives?" rollercoaster. Life can be a total whirlwind, right? But here's our little secret: We're crazy about the fact that we care enough to create the life we want! We're not just riding this wild journey; we're driving the fun bus!

After all, taking care of yourself is the first step to taking care of others, right? So we put our thinking caps on. What could help us bring some order to our craziness and make sure we're sashaying down the runway of life in style? Enter: the planner!

It's not just about planning, though. It's about envisioning what you want, evaluating where you are, and plotting a course for a future that's as dazzling as a runway show. And you know what's even better? Planning your day so it's packed with satisfaction and joy. Your happiness, your rules!

But wait, there's more! Our journey started with this fabulous planner for you (and yes, for ourselves too because we're all in this together!). But this is just the beginning. We're on a mission to create a community where we lift each other up, where together, we craft the lives we absolutely deserve!

Thank you for dropping by and getting to know us. Now, let's put on our stilettos and strut down this exciting path TOGETHER! 🌟💃🕺