Hello there! We're Anna and YK, and this is our unique story.

From NYC to PNW,

Designer to Entrepreneurs. 

Two women fit after 40,

Believers in journaling, planning, and sharing our journey & what we learn.

Picture it: New York City, 2013. Two super-talented fashion designers met at the same company and instantly clicked like fashionistas at a sample sale. Fast forward a few years and one of us jetted off to the lush Pacific Northwest, and the other followed after a couple of years! Oh, and to make life even more exciting, we both became proud parents in 2017.

As moms, wives, businesswomen, and women over 40, we started asking ourselves the BIG questions:

What are our true passions?

And what in the world does success even mean to us?

And guess what? We got answers!

  • Helping other fellow women who desire a healthy life (Physically & Mentally)
  • Building a community
  • Putting our family and friends first

These are our true passions and values where we thrive.

So we decided to start with a simple thing we could do right then: creating planners. Not just any planner, but a fitness planner that helps people journal and make progress in their lives. But wait, there's more! Our journey started with this fabulous planner for you (and yes, for ourselves too because we're all in this together!). But this is just the beginning.

We're on a mission to create a community where we lift each other up, where together, we craft the lives we absolutely deserve!

We're not perfect, but we're learning as we go and are determined to share what we learn with you! So you can thrive with us!

Thank you for dropping by and getting to know us. Now, let's put on our stilettos and strut down this exciting path TOGETHER! 🌟💃🕺