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2024 SheShines Digital Planner

2024 SheShines Digital Planner

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Please note

- This is a digital product. You will not receive any physical elements with this purchase.
- The stickers are included with the planner.
- You will need a separate PDF annotation app to use the planner.

- Color variations in screens and monitors may cause the planner to appear slightly different in color.

- This planner is not suitable for printing.

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This product is only for PERSONAL USE. 
You may not: sell or give away the original files nor use any portion of the files to create a new design to resell.
Usage is monitored frequently to prevent abuse. Violating the TERMS OF USE will be considered copyright infringement and will be reporte

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SheShines Planner

We have designed this “SheShines” Digital Planner with individuals like you in mind—those who aspire to have everything they deserve, reach their full potential and seek genuine happiness.

If you've been feeling overwhelmed and unorganized, struggling to find a planner that truly meets your needs, this is the game-changer you've been waiting for. This “SheShines” Digital Planner is designed to provide you with the tools and structure necessary to develop healthy habits and take charge of your life. Say goodbye to feeling lost and hello to a clear path toward self-care, success, and happiness.

What sets THIS digital planner apart is its simplicity and effectiveness. No more excessive content that leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Instead, it focuses on the essential elements that will help you thrive. Whether you're looking to prioritize self-care, establish productive daily life, or cultivate positive habits, this planner is here to support you every step of the way.

By using this digital planner, you'll have the power to shape a new life for yourself and become the best version of who you can be in the coming year. It's never too late to make a positive change and embark on a transformative journey.

- Organize your plans daily, weekly & monthly so you will know what is ahead and what to do.
- Get clear on what it is that you truly want in life.
- Get into a mindset where you're confident and empowered by creating healthy habits
- Set goals you know are achievable, yet challenging enough to reach your highest potential.
- Create a relationship with yourself that builds rather than breaks you.


✓ Easy navigation throughout the planner - Fully hyperlinked pages “SheShines” Digital Planner.
✓ Monthly, weekly, and daily planning pages.
✓ Hyperlink to add your schedule to Apple calendar or Google Calendar.
✓ Inspirational life page that you will create what your future wants to be!
✓ Thoughtfully designed for easy use.
✓ Packed with extra resources to help you thrive!
✓ Comes with extra Meal planner, Fitness planner, Cleaning planner, and Finance planner pages.
✓ Self-reflection questions to ask yourself every month and at the end of the year.
✓ Sunday start.
✓ Minimal, modern, chic & stylish design.

1 PDF with our 2024 “SheShines” Digital Planner.
-Sticker set ready to be used in GoodNotes & individual PNG files
-1 PDF instruction guide on how to download and import digital journals into GoodNotes.

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