Collection: Reusable Mighty Food Covers - DUO Pack

  • Don't be shy about covering up. 

    Easy after-meal cleanup, keep leftovers fresh on the counter?, Need to cover rising bread dough? dream of a modern & sustainable kitchen? Plus, reduce single-use plastic wrap! This Mighty Food Cover will help all of those! 

    The soft cotton fabric covers have a recycled elastic cord and a cord stop for a customizable tight fit. - means no struggling with getting plastic wrap to stick or stay. The inner layer is made from certified FoodSAFE® water-resistant PUL, making it easy to wipe clean of food debris after each use. The best part is that you can use this product over and over again. Simply wipe the inner covers or toss them in the washing machine

    Choose from 7 different patterns to cover variable types of serving size bowls, bread-making bowls, and salad bowls/dishes. 

    Try this bundle now and simplify your life!



    The Small-size cover works for items up to 5.5” in diameter, perfect for halves of lemons, onions or sauce bowls.

    The Medium-size cover generally works for bowls up to 7.5” in diameter, super useful for dishes like soup bowls and dinner plates. 

    The Large-size cover works for items up to 11” in diameter, perfect for bigger items like mixing and serving bowls.

    The XLarge-size cover works for items up to 14” in diameter, perfect for any party size dishes or bread-making bowls/dishes.

    • Modern design 
    • Elastic recycled cord and cord stops for a tight fit 
    • Simple to use 
    • FoodSAFE® water-resistant PUL inner layer protects food 
    • Easy to clean 
    • Long-lasting 
    • Reusable/ machine washable

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