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Love is in the Air: 3 Tips for Romantic Digital Planner Decorations This Valentine's Month!


Valentine's month is just around the corner, and if you're anything like me, you're already feeling the love in the air.

I find that infusing the entire month with romantic vibes in my planner adds an extra touch of joy to my daily routine.

However, achieving that perfect, pretty look can sometimes be a challenge. Here are three tried-and-true tips to help you create a beautifully decorated digital planner that you'll be excited to use throughout the month!

1. Choose a Romantic Theme and Start with Stickers: Begin by selecting a theme that captures the romantic essence of the month. Whether you prefer a minimalistic approach, vibrant colors, or a specific palette tied to the season, a cohesive theme sets the tone for your digital planner. Start with romantic stickers that resonate with your style, placing them strategically to create an enchanting aesthetic. Here is an example: 

Valentine's day digital sticker decorations for digital planner

*I'm showcasing the 2024 Pure Focus Digital Planner MONO version in the photo. Explore further details by clicking on the image.

2. Harmonize Colors with Stickers for a Cohesive Look: Take inspiration from the colors of your chosen stickers and incorporate them into your overall planner design. Using the eyedropper tool, pick out hues that complement your theme. If you're a GoodNotes user, check out our guide on how to seamlessly integrate colors into your planner here.

GoodNotes6 Coloring Palettes


3. Infuse Personal Touches for a Truly Unique Planner: Make your digital planner an extension of yourself by adding personal touches. Include romantic photos, meaningful quotes, or custom illustrations that align with your personality and goals. This transforms your planner into a reflection of your unique style, making it even more inspiring and motivational. 

Digital planner decoration with personal photos and valentine day stickers

Remember, the objective is to create a digital space that uplifts and motivates you. Enjoy the creative process of decorating your digital planner, turning it into a delightful extension of your lifestyle and creativity. Happy decorating! 


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Valentine's day stickers

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