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Managing food at home without single-use plastic wrap

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"I love these covers! They keep my food fresh, are easy to wash, and I no longer need to use plastic wrap or foil. Everyone should be using these!!"  - Pam

Meet Reusable Mighty Food Covers, eliminating single-use plastic wrap. MORE EFFECTIVE and LESS HASSLE than silicone covers and beeswax wraps.

  • Use them over and over! at least 200 times.
  • Keeps food fresh longer. (FoodSAFE® water-resistant PUL inner layer protects food)
  • No more struggle to find the perfect fit! Cover any shape/sizes.
  • Easy to wipe clean of food debris after each use. And you can machine wash them at any temperature.
  • Modern, simple design makes perfect gift for yourself and eco-conscious friends! 

Try the Starter Kit 3-Pack now and simplify your life!






The small cover works for items up to 5” in diameter — perfect for halves of lemons, onions, or sauce bowls.

The medium cover generally works for bowls up to 7.5” in diameter — super useful for dishes like soup bowls and dinner plates.

The large cover works for items up to 11” in diameter — perfect for bigger items like mixing and serving bowls.

      Size details

      Want to know more about Mighty Food Cover Sizing? Click Here

      What is the material?

      - 100% cotton shell.

      - Inner layer: FoodSAFE® water-resistant PUL (polyurethane laminate), a soft, flexible, tough, and waterproof fabric.

      - Recycled plastic cord stoppers.

      How to use/care

      How to use:

      1. Cover any cut side fruit & veggies.

      2. Tighten with elastic stoppers.

      3. Store them inside a fridge.

      4. Enjoy fresh fruit & veggies next time.


      1. Cover leftovers after a meal.

      2. Let it stay on a table/countertop or store them in the fridge. (prevents food drying)


      1. Cover fresh pies or any food that needs cover for parties and outdoor use to keep flies out.

      2. Store leftovers inside a fridge.

      How to clean: 

      Wipe clean or toss in the washing machine. Hang dry or put it into a dryer if you need them right away!

       *Not ovenproof or microwave safe. 


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      We know you'll love Mighty Covers.
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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Love it!

      This reusable bowl cover is the best. I use it all the time. It allowed me to reuse all the Tupperware that was missing a lid. The cover is so versatile due to its elastic closure. Never waste your precious time looking for the right lid! I also love how easy it is to clean. A must have for your kitchen. I highly recommend.

      Hello SooJae,

      Thank you so much for your review. Please let us know if you have any questions going forward.

      Megan D.
      Kept my food fresh!

      Love these reusable bowl and tupperware covers! They are cute, store away more easily than lids, and actually keep food fresh. I wish I had got some sooner. Will definitely be making these a go-to gift for friends, family, even coworkers. LOVE that they are sustainable too.

      100% satisfied

      The 3-pack Starter Kit is perfect! The only problem I’ve had is deciding which design to get. It’s so nice to cover up leftovers instead of putting them in a different container and creating more dishes. And using the small one for halved lemons is perfect. I love them, and I’m absolutely buying more for myself and for all my family and friends! 🌟

      Amazing Covers!

      These covers have been so easy to use, clean and store! They design is so cute! We have used it for more than just covering a bowl! We have used it for odd shaped veggies that need to be covered and even for our kid's school lunches! I've been using them more than I thought I would and it has kept out produce fresh! I also love the different sizes! Definitely a fan!

      Game Changer!

      The fact that you can extend or tighten these is a GAME CHANGER. So freaking helpful!

      • Covering an apple piece with mighty food covers to save food fresh and long

        Cover cut side fruit or veggies.

      • using elastic stopper, make sure the cover is tight. Mighty food covers can help cut food fresh and ready to consume.

        Tighten with elastic stoppers.

      • Storing a cut apple with food covers in fridge

        Store in refrigerator.

      • tossing food covers to washer

        Wipe clean or toss in the washing machine.


      Why use PUL inner layer?

      Mighty covers have a PUL liner because it can be reused many times after cleaning and keep food from drying.

      Polyurethane Laminate Fabric, or PUL, is a soft, flexible, tough, and waterproof fabric. Some companies have started using this fabric for snack bags.

      What does FoodSAFE® certified PUL Fabric mean?

      Our PUL fabric quality is superior to any others - made and tested in the USA. ProSoft PUL was tested under the worst-case conditions for all types of food and beverages (except for alcoholic beverages).

      They are FREE of lead, BPA, and phthalate-free PUL, which are harmful if they are in contact with food.

      Is the liner stain-resistant?

      The fabric is NOT stain resistant. Stain resistance requires a chemical treatment that would make it not food safe. But, no worries, it functions just as well with or without stain!

      What do recycled stoppers mean?

      It means our stoppers/beads are made with recycled plastic and allow a customizable tight fit. Soft round elastic with stoppers allows adjustable fit for different sizes and shapes.

      We believe that the products we design should be made sustainably but also functional. No more hassle of covering your food or dishes!

      Why are Mighty Food Covers created?

      We created Mighty Food Covers because we just couldn’t keep using plastic wrap, knowing that it pollutes our ecosystem. We wanted to reduce food waste and store food for longer with something more gentle on the Earth. That’s why we created Mighty Food Covers, which can be used repeatedly to keep your kitchen sustainable.

      Why do they work better than other sustainable products on the market?

      Mighty Food Covers are not just created to eliminate single-use plastic wrap. They are created to function better than any other products on the market.

      - More flexible than silicone covers. Our customizable cotton fabric covers have a recycled elastic cord and stoppers, allowing you to cover anything with zero fuss.

      - Less hassle than beeswax wraps. Easy to wipe clean of food debris after each use. And you can machine wash them at any temperature.

      - Keeps food fresh longer than other eco-friendly solutions like silicone covers and beeswax wraps.

      - Modern design/prints make your eyes pleasing and you can bring dishes to parties in style.

      Where are Mighty Food Covers made?

      Mighty Food Covers are made in Portland, OR, which means supporting local workers and less carbon footprint. It is important to keep things as simple as possible for the earth and to know we are supporting our community.